The worst mistake an author can make is to sell only books

You need to build a Book Ecosystem.
This book shows you how.

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About The Book

Just 1% of authors make a living out of their books. But a book should be just one product in a larger ecosystem of digital products and services that build trust, authority, and wealth.

In The Solo Author you will learn how to:

+ Develop a framework for your book and your content.
+ Write, publish, and launch a great nonfiction book.
+ Use your book as a lead-generation asset that attracts high-ticket clients.
+ Build an ecosystem with low-cost products, a main offering, and upsells.

A book ecosystem creates more value for your audience and more money for you.

Based on the experiences of many authorpreneurs, plus his own, Diego Pineda shows you how to skyrocket your businesses with a book.

“As a coach and consultant, the one thing that’s had the biggest impact on my business has been writing books. Having a great book behind your name as the author can instantly create credibility and establish you as an expert. But writing a book and the leveraging it for your business can seem daunting. This is where Diego Pineda comes in. His book, The Solo Author, is the blueprint any solopreneur needs to 10X their business.”

Dennis Geelen

Author, The Accidental Solopreneur

The Solo Author is here to help you not only write the book that’s inside you but more importantly to create products around it. Too many experts are sharing advice on social, only to see their brilliance evaporate like yesterday’s news. Diego Pineda once again flips conventional advice with his Book Ecosystem Framework, the exact steps to write your book and then create income-producing assets, authority and advantage to grow your solo business.”

Michelle Griffin

Author, The LinkedIn Branding Book

Write a Legendary Book

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The Solo Author podcast demystifies book writing for busy solopreneurs… and everybody else wanting to write a book.

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About the author.

Diego Pineda

Diego Pineda is the author of two novels, 10 non-fiction books, and hundreds of articles and blogs as a science writer, a business writer, and a sales and marketing writer.

He started his career as a medical writer while writing fiction on the side.

He is also a book coach helping solopreneurs and business leaders write their first book fast so they can become thought leaders in their industries, gain authority and visibility, and make more money.

Diego Pineda